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Jacob Scott


Jacob's eclectic list of musical inspirations is

topped by artists and musicians like the Beatles,

Stevie Wonder, Prince, Brian Wilson, and Romantic

composer Johannes Brahms. His favorite modern bands include the Strokes, Vulfpeck, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats, and the Dip. His literary favorites are Maya Angelou, C. S. Lewis, and Jane Austen. 

Mental Health and Personal Mission

Jacob is a very strong supporter of mental health awareness, and his songwriting tends to reflect upon his own experiences in an attempt to help others feel a little less alone through music in the same way his heroes did for him. He is also an ally of the LGBTQ+ Community and tries to volunteer as much as possible because, as his idol Stevie Wonder wrote, "Love's in Need of Love Today."

Songwriting and Production
Writing lyrics and creating music are Jacob's favorite things to do. All of his songs are both written and produced by himself, allowing him to put as much creative expression into each piece as possible. He is extremely grateful to be able to continue developing and growing in both songwriting and music production while living in Nashville, his favorite city in the world. 

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